40 of the best Florida man headlines to make your day

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, theme parks, rocket launch centers, and of course, in the internet meme culture, Florida man headlines.

Your typical florida man headlines man
Your typical Florida man headlines man

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In the early 2010s, there grew a trend of news stories and articles of men doing bizarre and insane-sounding crimes usually in the state of Florida, United States. Because of how inexplicable and humorous the activities were, they brought about a viral loop of people sharing links and news headlines to these stories.

Although they were all random stories from different people, the format of writing and sharing these articles could be cleverly interpreted as though they all talked about one person. That’s how the “Florida man” meme was born; a fictional guy from Florida synonymous with doing unusual, maniacal activities and crimes that are so unexpected that they are humorous and worth a share.

The news article scene is for sure full of absurd stories, but none of them seem to be consistently outlandish like those of the Florida man. So, we compiled a list of some of the best Florida man headlines guaranteed to get you a laugh while asking yourself, “Was that even real?”

Florida man Headlines

1. Florida Man bites off his brother’s penis after he walks in on his brother having sex with his cousin on his favorite Dragon Ball Z blanket. Read the story here.

2. Florida man arrested for attempting to BBQ pedophiles at motel. Read the story here.

3. Florida Man Pulls Off Video Game Move to Make the NASCAR Cup Series Championship. Read the story here.

4. Florida man told police he believed a Haitian girl he had been seeing placed a voodoo curse on him, causing him to hurt and rob people.

5. Florida man uses a plane to draw a 20-mile penis over Florida on flightradar. Read the story here.

6. Florida Man hires a plane for $1,800 to fly a banner over Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home reading “HA HA HA HA HA HA.” Read the story here.

7. Florida man charged with assault with a deadly weapon after throwing an alligator through Wendy’s drive-thru window. Read the story here.

8. Florida man charged for eating pancakes in middle of the road. Read the story here.

9. Florida Woman opera singer who used powerful soprano to scream “f_*k” and “c_*t” during Capitol riot arrested today by FBI. Read the story here.

10. Florida man attempts to rob a GameStop while wearing a transparent wrapper over his head. Read the story here.

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11. Florida Man Apparently Painting Anti-Hillary Messages on Tampa Bay Crabs. Read the story.

12. Florida Man Travels to South Carolina to “Fight” Hurricane Florence with nothing but his underwear and an American flag. Read the story here.

13. Golf Cart-Driving Florida Man Tries to Blow Up Neighbor’s Chickens With Home-Made Whiskey Bomb During Dispute Over BB Gun. Read the story here.

14. Florida Man Breaks Into Restaurant, Strips Naked, Eats Noodles He Brought From Home and Plays Bongos. Read the story here.

15. Florida Man Posts Video Documenting 6 Months’ Worth of Farts at Work, Is Fired Immediately. Read the story here.

16. Florida woman was asked to leave a Red Lobster, so she responded by allegedly grabbing a live lobster straight out of the tank and bolting. Read the story here.

17. Florida student arrested for threatening to kill professor over 7 am exam. Read the story here.

18. Florida man gets out of jail, immediately steals from car in prison parking lot: cops. Read the story here.

19. Florida man climbs atop playground equipment at Clearwater park, tells kids where babies come from. Read the story here.

20. Florida man stabs tourist despite having no arms. Read the story here.

21. Florida man who led cops on two-hour chase broke into homes because he was ‘extremely thirsty from recently smoking crack.’ Read the story here.

22. Florida man gives police “exonerating” dash cam footage following traffic incident, accidentally includes video of him robbing a beauty store. Read the story here.

23. Florida men, 1 dressed in bull costume, accused of trying to burn down former lover’s house with Pasta sauce. Read the story here.

24. Florida man steals BMW after being told he can’t buy it with food stamps. Read the story here.

25. Florida man arrested for practicing karate on swans. Read the story here.

26. Florida man breaks into medical marijuana dispensary at exactly 4:20 a.m. Read the story here.

27. Florida man threatens to kill man ‘with kindness,’ uses machete named ‘Kindness.’ Read the story here.

28. Florida Man Flies Learjet With Excavator Like a Toy Plane. Read the story here.

29. Florida Man plans to stalk newly reopened beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper.

30. Florida Man wears ‘Fuck the Police’ t-shirt to court, wins case against police. Read the story here.

31. Florida Woman Blames Windy Day For Blowing Cocaine Into Her Purse. Read the story here.

32. Florida Man Says Syringes in His Anus Aren’t His. Read the story here.

33. Florida Man Steals $33,000 Worth of Rare Coins, Cashes Them in CoinStar Machine for $29.30. Read the story here.

34. Florida Man Drives Ferrari Off Dock and Into Sea.

35. Florida Man Tries to Pay for McDonald’s With Weed. Read the story here.

36. Florida man locks keys in car to keep cops from searching it. Read the story here.

37. Shirtless Florida Man Kicks Open Doors as He Goes House to House Looking for Someone to Fight. Read the story here.

38. Florida Man Removes Woman’s Kidney During Back Surgery Because He Thought It Was a Tumor. Read the story here.

39. Florida man bursts into ex’s delivery room, fights her new boyfriend, as she’s giving birth. Read the story here.

40. Police find nearly a dozen stolen zoo animals harbored in Florida man’s apartment. Read the story here.

What’s your favorite of the Florida man headlines? The Florida man never disappoints with his consistency in providing us with the craziest stories the internet simply can’t ignore.

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