Top 30 Ohio memes guaranteed to brighten your day

On the internet, the “Buckeye state” isn’t known for being the mother of presidents, it’s known for Ohio memes.

Map of Ohio. Wait, even Ohio doesn’t want Florida?

Mother of presidents? Yes. Six US presidents hailed from the state of Ohio; From Warren G. Harding to Ulysses S. Grant. It’s also the home of Wilbur and Orville Wright (the Wright brothers) who built and flew the first powered aircraft, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and now, the Memes Hall of Fame.

They say that the climate here is either Hot as Hell or Cold as Hell, either way, it’s hell. Also, when you enter Ohio, there’s apparently no way of getting out! This state makes it the perfect candidate for memes, only behind Florida for their Florida man headlines, of course.

This isn’t the first time Ohio memes have hit the headlines. The state boasts of the “Only in Ohio memes,” “Ohio vs. the World memes,” and our personal favorite, “Ohio will be eliminated.” This is not forgetting the billions of views on TikTok of people making fun of the place – as it should be.

To do justice to the internet community, we compiled a ton of the best Ohio memes we could find, just to make your day a little brighter.

Ohio Memes

  1. Okay, now I should stop sinning.

2. It’s only in Ohio

3. They took over the whole damn country

4. As an Ohioan, I can confirm this

5. Don’t you remember that Ohio took over? Now you deleted everything, thank you.

6. Driving through Ohio is like corn corn corn corn HELL IS REAL corn corn corn GRANDPA’S CHEESE BARN corn corn corn

7. Guess I’ll just take a U-turn.

8. I have not been okay. I’m in a bad state right now (Ohio)

9. Dude, mind=blown.

10. Are you saying this is all?

11. What happens is quite the opposite.

12. This is the best it has been in months

13. Just a normal day here. It’s not even that remarkable anymore.

14. I have heard that divorce leads children to hell

15. Consider yourself lucky bro

16. If I were an alien, I’d 100% choose Ohio as my vacation spot

17. First time you’re having that little breeze?

18. Everything I touch becomes gold. But not if that thing is Ohio

19. Here’s a bus in Malta. They know it.

20. Even Ohioans themselves can confirm that even they don’t know what the heck happens there.

21. This map can save your life one day. Always have it in handy while traveling.

22. Sike! You can’t. You don’t just “simply” leave it

23. One day or one hour?

24. It was at this moment that the ACDC – Highway To Hell song came on the radio

25. How can I even explain it without crying?

26. Fun fact: 24 astronauts were born in Ohio. Do you wonder what is about that state that makes people want to flee the earth and get away from it as far as possible?

27. I bet that candles burns explosively


29. There is anything left there? I think you may be talking about another place

30. Be sure to collect your crown, superman

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What was your favorite of the Ohio memes?

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